Me2I’m deputy head at a private school in Scotland.  We’re developing our curriculum throughout the primary and secondary school, and this blog is a platform for me to think deeply and practically about what we are doing.  We’re not restricted to the Curriculum for Excellence, or the National Curriculum, and the freedom is both liberating and daunting.  Open to all comments and advice; and my views are not necessarily representative of the school’s.

As for my background, I have taught in England, Scotland and Africa, and I’ve been Head of RE, Head of PSHE and Head of Sixth Form. I’ve got a particular interest in developing pupils’ independent learning skills and fostering a school-wide enjoyment of learning. I’m also Creative Director of Learning Performance, the UK’s leading provider of study skills education, where I wrote the study skills workshops that are used in around half of the UK’s secondary schools.

And – in case you were interested – my book, Creative Teaching, is now in its second edition. Sue Cowley, author of the “Getting the Buggers” series describes it as a “rallying cry” to teachers to focus on creativity.  And the headteacher of Tiffin School in Kingston, my former workplace, describes the book as “packed with thought-provoking sections on different aspects of learning, it also offers practical suggestions and activities for lessons”.


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